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Glidecam Industries X 4BI9 Media | 2014 Reel

Glidecam Industries// 4BI9Media_ 2014 Reel from 4BI9 Media on Vimeo.

A short piece we shot with Glidecam Industries throughout the 2014 season, highlighting some of their incredible products in use.


Sarejevo, Bosnia
Jahorina, Bosnia
Jackson, WY
Uinta Mountains, UT
Whistler, BC


“Prisoners from the North” by Yusuke Tsutsumi.


4BI9 Media’s “Burn” | Stept’s “Ten And Two” SLC Premiere

Vunder.TV proudly presents 4BI9 Media and Stept Productions 2014 Salt Lake City Premiere.

Thursday, October 9th at InTheVenue in Salt Lake City (located at 579 W, 200 S).
Doors open at 7:00pm, show starts at 8:00pm.
Tickets are only $12, and are available at the door.
All ages welcome.
Athlete signings and gear giveaways.

Facebook event info at


4BI9 Media X Dale Talkington Co-Lab

This past winter we got together with Dale not only to produce a segment for our upcoming film but to also create a piece for the TGR Co-Lab contest. All of the videos are now live over on the TGR website so be sure to go and check them out. And even give us a vote if you see fit.

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A few more clips from @dylanjamesferguson's 'My Dreams Not Yours' Part 2. Dylan's got one of our favorite styles in the game. Check out the full edit | @spyoptic #seehappy #4bi9
'My Dreams Not Yours" Part 2 with @dylanjamesferguson and @spyoptic is now live! After 10 years competing on the US aerials Team, DFerg has retired from competition and switched his focus back to the fun part of skiing. Watch it now || ||
Another cut from "Neighborhood Parks," our latest edit with @twallisch and @monsterenergy. Go watch it if you haven't already:
Check out "Neighborhood Parks," a new edit we dropped today with @twallisch and @monsterenergy. Watch the full edit now at
Another cut from a new 4bi9 project with @spyoptic and @dylanjamesferguson. Stay tuned for 'My Dreams Not Yours' Part 2- Dropping October 5th. #4bi9 #seehappy #mydreamsnotyours
Stoked to see the Co-founder/Co-owner of @treefortlifestyles, Kevin Perron (@calmdownsound), rocking our 4bi9 OG T. Treefort Lifestyles is an awesome brand with an innovative style. It's core companies like them that keep our industry fresh and unique- Check them out now at 📷 @pharcyde145
@dylanjamesferguson and 4bi9 spent a good part of last season filming for a new project with @spyoptic. Check back soon for Part 2 of 'My Dreams Not Yours,' dropping October 5th. #4bi9 #spyoptics #seehappy
@johnware jumping down some stairs in Boise, ID- always bringing that clean style to the table. #4bi9
🌴🌴 Big thanks to our fans and loyal customers, your support has been awesome. We hope everyone's been enjoying our Snapbacks this summer. Keep living that #mahalolifestyle🌴🌴 ||
Collin Collins (@mistahcollie) bringing that fresh style to PC in the 4bi9 Oval Snapback. Watch his new edit now at
@w_berman with a clean 3 handrag from when SLC still got lots of snow. Hoping for a big year out west this winter, so we can build more features like this one. #4bi9
@goodcompanyski just released their latest video, Episode "Two". Everyone got after it this season. Check the iTunes link in their profile!

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