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4BI9 Media X Dale Talkington Co-Lab

This past winter we got together with Dale not only to produce a segment for our upcoming film but to also create a piece for the TGR Co-Lab contest. All of the videos are now live over on the TGR website so be sure to go and check them out. And even give us a vote if you see fit.


All Damn Day – Official Teaser

At this time we are excited to officially announce our upcoming film, All Damn Day. Here is our official teaser trailer to go along with the announcement. Hope you all enjoy!

Supported By: Saga Outerwear, The North Face, Nordica, Philpark, K2 Skis, Tall-T Productons, ON3P Skis


Mahalo Missionaries Take A Trip To Spread The Lifestyle

Earlier this April a crew of highly enlightened individuals took it upon themselves to spread the Mahalo Lifestyle. Dale Talkington, Karl Fostvedt, John Ware, Collin Collins, and a very dedicated band of partiers travelled by RV to a little place we all know as Sun Valley for the Orage Masters. Mai-Tais were drank, disorder was caused, and the true AM

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@lukamelloni about to drop in on a feature in the middle of nowhere while shooting for our upcoming movie. #4bi92014
@jake_doan @khaikrepela @laihipp and @arnellyville checking the shot while on a film trip in Ottawa this past winter. Look out for Jake and Khai in our upcoming movie. #4bi92014
Taking it back a few years with a couple shots of @dylanjamesferguson from our film "Begging For Change". Be sure to look out for his stuff in our upcoming movie. #tbt
@lake_dog getting after a classic Wasatch spot late in the spring while shooting for our upcoming movie. #4bi92014
@keefbox sending it back up the boot pack up for another hit in the Wasatch sidecountry while out shooting for the new film. #4bi92014 @sagaouterwear
@lukamelloni getting after it in the woods of Oregon earlier in the spring. 📷 @laihipp
The crew taking a little stroll through a Montreal underpass to get to the spot. #4bi92014
Taking it back to a session last year while shooting for All Damn Day. @johnware dropping a rodeo 5 up in the foothills above downtown SLC. 📷 by @laihipp #tbt #4bi92013 #alldamnday
Here's a quick little InstaClip of @mcrae_williams getting down @irideparkcity while shooting for their video series this past winter. #tbt
Guess it's that time of year again. Back on the editing grind with @timmcchesney for his segment in our upcoming movie. #4bi92014
@crazy_karl @johnware @tanakahawk logging some vert touring out into the Japanese backcountry while shooting for an upcoming project.
@timmcchesney getting out and about on the snow machines while filming for the new movie. #4bi92014

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